A Season in Heaven Fall 2022 Tour

Tour Passes and Individual Event Tickets now available for the Fall Tour!

“A Season in Heaven”


The next event is the Heavenly Mountain “A” event on Saturday, December 3rd at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time! Click here to register for it.


We have been blessed with some additional financial gifts to help subsidize the Tour Pass Scholarship Fund. These precious perfectly aligned and prioritized enlightened donors want to see as many of their friends and family on as many Tour events as possible. Because of our donors’ generous Holiday Spirit, there are now some more Tour Scholarships available for multiple event Tour Passes.

Because of the cumulative blessings and powerful evolutionary effects of attending multiple consecutive Tour events, everyone is highly encouraged to try and find a way to stretch to attend as many Tour events as possible. The multiple event tour scholarship passes are designed to accomplish exactly that. Many are financially challenged at the moment, but if willing to make attendance at this Tour a financial priority in your life, apply for a Tour scholarship for help in attending the entire Tour in your respective category (Elite or Not Yet Elite). These Scholarship Tour passes are usually matching fund passes and still require a financial commitment equivalent to a minimum amount of funds that would be required to attend multiple Tour events if purchased separately.

Although there are no scholarships to attend individual events, (please don’t ask, we would offer them if we could) multiple event tour passes are now available.


Part of a Season in Heaven is having your friends and family with you if at all possible, especially during the Holiday Season. “The Ultimate Heavenly Holiday Gift Program” has been designed to either gift a newbie friend or a family member or encourage them to gift themselves to attend their first Tour event during this Holiday Season Tour. What better place for them to be than under the direct love and protection of the Divine Order. On top of their Newbie Event attendance Ticket purchase, they also get a free SFR as part of this holiday bonus gift package. This is a gift directly from Master John for First-Time Event Attendees.


(Includes Tour Kick-off TeleSeminar, 5 SFRs, 10 KMBs, and all 17 events including four in-person “A”, “D”, and “E” events and the new “ECSP” event and the new remote New York City Q&A event plus all other virtual remote “B”, “D”, and “E” events.) $7858 Total individual event value – $2858 Virtual Package Discount = $5000


For aspiring Elite Development Course participants. (Includes Tour Kick-off TeleSeminar, 10 SFRs, 5 KMBs, one in-person “A” event, remote attendance at 6 “B” events, and the new remote New York City Q&A event) $5858 Total individual event value – $2358 Virtual Package Discount = $3500.


The majority of the Fall 2022 Tour events will be virtual and remote starting on Saturday, November 19th and ending on Monday, December 19th. More details and dates to follow.


The only in-person events on the Fall 2022 Tour will be on December 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th in Heavenly Mountain, Boone, North Carolina.

Individual Event Tickets will require a minimum $250 donation and will not include any KMBs or SFRs except for those who are attending a CMA event for the first time. The “ECSP” event will be for Elite graduates only and will not have an individual ticket and can only be attended through a Deluxe Golden Pass Package.

New “ECSP” Event

The Elite Clairvoyant Sensory Program or ECSP event on December 6th is in-person only and covers accelerated Prismatic Awareness™ development, accelerated clairvoyant development, accelerated frequency of matter development, and other advanced development knowledge. Only Elite Deluxe Golden Pass holders are eligible to attend this special event. There will be no remote access for this event. ATTENDANCE IS ONLY IN-PERSON.

New Addition for the New York City Tour Event

The New York event will be a Q&A TeleSeminar on Wednesday, December 14th at $250 with solicited questions from event participants. Any question on any topic is welcome.

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We are anti-cult.
We are believers in spiritual and religious freedom.
We believe in personal freedom and liberty.
We are believers in God.
We are for truth and the ageless wisdom of the great spiritual past and future of humanity.
We are for developing consciousness and spirituality.
We are for loving each other and our Earth.

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