Message from the CMA Board of Directors

We are anti-cult.
We are believers in spiritual and religious freedom.
We believe in personal freedom and liberty.
We are believers in God.
We are for truth and the ageless wisdom of the great spiritual past and future of humanity.
We are for developing consciousness and spirituality.
We are for loving each other and our Earth.

Free Blessing

If you need help, we will pray for you for free. Each night we are dedicating our Karmic Repair prayers for the people on the Global Repair list. Join here:

Please understand the following before you go any further to understand what CMA does and what its focus is on around the world.

All healing is done by Almighty God.

Supreme God may use the Master Healing Angels to effectuate change in the physiology of people all over the world but no individual performs any healing.

From the human individual side, we first recommend that you go to a medical doctor if you have a health issue.

After you have sought out prudent medical advice, please feel free to use our tools and blessings and open the door for you, us, all of us to pray for God’s help and assistance.

To be clear, no individual or human being does healing for the Church of the Master Angels™.

This is the sole territory and dominion of Supreme God assisted by the Master Healing Angels.

Mission Statement

CMA International Foundation, DBA: The Church of the Master Angels™, is a unitary, non-denominational, faith-based community Church open to all seekers of truth, cosmic awareness and soul-realization, regardless of belief, tradition, creed, or religious affiliation that promotes the selfless worship of God through the teaching of God’s Masters, Angels, and Holy Saints.

Global Ministries

Prior to its formation in 2017, for ten years, in its developmental stages, The Church of the Master Angels™, through its affiliates, inspirational founders and related organizations began its ministry in 2007. The Church, outside of its frequent congregational meetings and services, offers unique tools, products, global healing workshops and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. The congregational membership of the Church has now expanded to over 25 additional countries throughout the world. Although the Church of the Master Angels™ is headquartered in Boone, North Carolina, its ministries are offered to its international congregation through the internet, social media, teleseminars, teleconferences, touring workshops, educational course offerings and special congregational events.

The Chapel of the Master Angels™

The actual physical location of the Chapel of the Master Angels™ is located in the private community of Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina. The Chapel is known throughout the world as the location of North America’s largest quartz crystal (The Maha Crystal) weighing 14,680 pounds. This world class, one of a kind crystal was installed on August 15th, 2013 and was activated on the day of the full moon, August 21st, 2013. The Chapel of the Master Angels™ is in a private, secure location and has been designed as a place for universal, non-denominational prayer, meditation and healing by invitation only. The Chapel serves as a place of worship for Heavenly Mountain residents but is the international headquarters serving ministries in over 30 countries throughout the world. The Heavenly Mountain Community Center is the location for major Angelic Healing Seminars offered throughout the year.

Please keep in mind, we are not doctors or medical professionals. We are a diverse international congregation focused on Spiritual Development. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. We do not represent or warrant that any particular product or service is safe, appropriate or effective for you. If you have any health concerns, we strongly suggest consulting a qualified healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment options.

Acknowledgement of Faith-Based Blessings

By visiting this website, I acknowledge, understand, and have faith that references to the concepts of healing or treatments on this website are describing faith-based blessings performed by God and the Master Angels™ and not performed by any individual or affiliate of CMA International Foundation d/b/a the Church of the Master Angels™.

Neither CMA International, d/b/a Church of the Master Angels™, nor any of their affiliates, speakers, or representatives offer medical advice.

The statements and advice offered on this website have not been independently evaluated by the medical community.

The products and items on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

The products and items on this website are not substitutes for prudent medical care offered by a licensed medical professional.